Apr 28,  2015

Parabel Win the Future Ingredients Showcase Award 2015 at the 9th Annual American Food Technology & Innovation Summit

CHICAGO, April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Parabel have won the "Future Ingredients Showcase Award 2015" as part of the 9th Annual American Food Technology & Innovation Summit in Chicago. Once again this year, representatives from the leading companies within the food and beverage industry, from research and development, innovation, marketing and technology, gathered in order to discuss some of the important developments and innovations in the industry. This prestigious audience honored Parabel with the Award for their breakthrough protein called "Lentein", which contains more essential amino acids than soy or pea protein.

Sam Newberg, Business Development, Parabel, spoke about receiving the Future Ingredients Showcase Award 2015:

"This was very much the first time we came into an external forum to tell our story. I think the feedback that we have had in the entire summit has been very positive, and winning the Award is representative of that." 

With regards to the Florida start-up, Sam had this to say about Parabel's and their process:

"We are an innovative company. We grow a small microcrop called Lemna. It is a flowery plant, and we grow it in a water farm. It is sort of a different way of thinking about growing a plant. We harvest it, process it and our end product is a protein concentrate. A protein concentrate that will rival the existing protein concentrates on the market today such as soy, pea, rice and so on." 

Sam also spoke about Parabel's wider objectives, missions and values:

"When we talk about the future of food and the future of food nutrition we're talking about 2050 and nine billion people on the planet. How are we going to resource against feeding and bringing that nutrition? I think what we are doing, and our mission, is to be part of that solution. When you look at the technologies that we have, you look at our IP in terms of being able to farm on a commercial scale with this plant, to be able to process it and deliver this solution, I think it was pretty to clear to us that this was the space that we should be going in." 

Sam spoke about his standout presentation from the summit, from another exciting food start-up:

"Chris Jones at Hampton Creek really encapsulates what we are all trying to do. We are trying to use the planet in a much smarter way. Use our resources to find intelligent solutions to new food stuffs and Hampton Creek, and Just Mayo, are a great example of the things that we are looking to be a part of in the future."  

Finally, Sam gave his experience of the Global and American Food Technology Summits (in London and Chicago respectively) as well as the role of start-up food companies in driving change in the industry:

"I participated in the summit in London, and now in the summit here in Chicago and the conversations I have been having absolutely speak to that (disruptive innovation). I think the larger multinational companies are starting to see the importance of working with companies like us, and other smaller start-up companies because we are the ones who have really created the disruption. We are able to have a lot more flexibility, and we can do some of the things that perhaps the bigger companies cannot do and I think that is why the collaborations and the partnerships are forming." 

About the Summit 

The American Food Technology & Innovation Summit is the pre-eminent meeting of North America's most established and exciting food and beverage companies. The event has specific streams focusing on Research & Development, Innovation and Consumer Insights & Marketing. The summit in Chicago provides its delegates with a holistic view of the entire food industry. With participation from leading figures at companies such as Tyson Foods, PepsiCo, Chobani and NASA as well as revolutionary thought leaders in food innovation, this year's summit allowed its delegates unprecedented access and insight into the changing landscape of the food industry.

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