Sep 8,  2015

Nutraceuticals World

Parabel USA Inc., Melbourne, FL, a provider of plant protein from the water lentil, or Lemnoideae, said sustainability is a key benefit to formulating with plant protein. The company’s Lemnoideae extract, branded as Lentein, offers high levels of protein and micronutrients, with the added benefit of being 100% sustainably harvested, according to the company. Cecilia Wittbjer, Parabel’s vice president of marketing, described Lentein as being comparable in amino acid profile to whey, with 65% protein content and high levels of micronutrients, including beta-carotene, chlorophyll, folic acid and lutein. “Some proteins like pea and rice proteins are not complete proteins, however, Lentein is a complete protein with a balanced amino acid profile, and it is actually higher in amino acids than any other plant protein, including soy,” Ms. Wittbjer claimed – See more at:

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