Aug 20,  2017

Lentein suitable for bars, beverages, pasta, snacks - Storebrands

 Available for private brand formulations for a variety of products, including bars, beverages, pasta, snacks and baked goods, Lentein is a new plant-based protein from Fellsmere, Fla.-based Parabel USA that has an amino acid score of 1.02, according to the company. Scores above 1.0 meet the World Health Organization’s definition of a complete protein. Although Lentein has a natural green color, the manufacturer is “degreening the protein” so it can be used in any product needing high-protein content. Grown in an aqua farm and minimally processed, Lentein contains the nutritional qualities of water lentils. The product is non-GMO and free of lactose, gluten, dairy, eggs and soy. To learn more about clean label and nutrient-dense ingredients, see the feature article on healthful ingredients in the August issue of Store Brands

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