Mar 17,  2017

LENTEIN plant protein debuts in Clean Machine protein powder - Food Navigator USA


A green powder with 45% protein and 35 – 45% dietary fiber and multiple nicronutrients from calcium and iron to short chain omega 3 fatty acids (ALA) Lentein is also being incorporated into several beverages and foods that will come to market shortly, said Parabel, which also is bringing out concentrates and isolates.


The water lentil has obvious advantages over other plant protein sources in that it grows incredibly rapidly and can be harvested in raceways (open-air ponds similar to those in which algae is grown commercially – although the water lentil is not a type of algae) all year around, says the firm.


“The water lentil is the world’s smallest flowering plant which reproduces itself in 24 hours so it can be harvested every day, which translates into the highest yield per hectare of any other crop”

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