Apr 13,  2018

New King of proteins



The New King Of Vegetable Proteins: Duck Weed Protein Powder!

So if you have decided in your personal life that eating meat and dairy was not for you anymore.  Maybe you visited a farm recently and just could not get little Chester the cow out of your mind.  Therefore you decided to go vegan.  Which means you are not going to drink whey protein powder, egg, or beef protein powder anymore.  Instead, you are going to rely on the only two other vegan proteins that you know of, rice protein powder and pea protein isolate.  Both of these proteins are OK as far as quality goes, but I like to rank them as average, when it comes to increasing lean muscle mass.  Meaning I don’t think they are going to give you a good of a chance at increasing muscle mass like whey protein powder, hydrolyzed whey protein, or beef protein like bio serum 1.  Therefore this may be a reason why there are few little vegan bodybuilders out there.  They fear that if they go “vegan” they will sacrifice muscle mass.  Well, have no fear Mr. Vegan Bodybuilder because duckweed protein powder is here.

Duckweed protein powder otherwise known as water lentil protein powder is jammed packed with nutrients and protein.  It contains a boatload of vitamins and minerals, has a higher biological value than pea protein isolate, and contains omega 3 fatty acids.


This clearly is the best choice if you want a vegan protein powder.  Without question, this is your better choice over pea protein isolate, rice protein, and hemp protein powder.  In addition, the companies that make duckweed protein powder are all about sustainability and other “good for the environment” objectives.

If you are a vegan bodybuilder and want to try duckweed protein powder I have found only one company that sells it


This product is not 100% duckweed protein powder, they did add some pea protein and other krap.  Most likely because they wanted to reduce their cost.  There is not any reason to add pea protein isolate.  But anyway, at least you can try this protein powder.

If you’re not a vegan you could use this product as a multivitamin and mineral.   Instead of taking vitamins, you should use this instead as the bioavailability of this product is much higher than a synthetic vitamin supplement.

This product would be cool to use in your pre-workout.   You could add a scoop of this stuff with a scope of Peptopro and 2 tbs of Advanced BCAA’s.

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