Sep 21,  2018

Parabel agrees distribution agreement with Stauber USA


Plant-based ingredient producer Parabel has signed a distribution agreement with Stauber USA, which will commercialise Parabel’s Lentein plant-protein throughout the US.

The Lentein solution is sourced from Lemnaceae water lentils, which are grown in open hydroponic systems and then processed into the protein solution.

According to Parabel, the protein in Lentein is similar to animal protein, containing branch chain amino acids comparable to whey, and higher levels than other plant proteins such as soy.

Parabel operates a production facility in Florida, and claims that this is the first time the crop has been produced commercially anywhere in the world.

The company currently produces approximately 300 tonnes of plant protein every year, and this will increase to 3000 tonnes once the company opens its second farm in 2019.

Anthony Tiarks, CEO of Parabel USA said: The crop needs sunlight, water and flat land which is all in abundance here in Florida.

“The crop doubles its biomass in 24 – 36 hours and is harvested every day which makes it a sustainable choice for companies looking for alternative plant protein to fortify their snacks, beverages and foods”.

Anthony Tiarks, Parabel’s CEO said: “This agreement underlines our commitment to address market needs in the USA.

“The shared vision of Parabel and Stauber is to introduce an environmentally sustainable, Non-GMO and allergen-free plant protein to the US Market”.

President of Stauber, Dan Stauber added: “We believe that Parabel’s Lentein plant protein will add an interesting angle to our existing portfolio.

“In today’s environment novel plant protein sources are in high demand and our customers are always looking for innovative ways to grow their businesses”.

by Martin White 

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