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Dec 15,  2017
Parabel Innovations Award Finalist at Fi Europe For Novel LENTEIN Plant Protein.

LENTEIN is a plant protein that comes from the world’s smallest flowering plant, Lemnaceae, commonly called the Water Lentil or Duckweed. It grows on top of still water all around the world and has been eaten by animals and humans in East Asia for a long time. Parabel is the first company to develop an open hydroponic system to grow, proc

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Oct 3,  2017
These Are the 4 Alternative Proteins of the Future

Getting your daily amount of protein from a source other than meat has never been easier. Alternative protein sources like soy and pea protein are becoming the norm — Forbes reports that pea protein is on track to become a $32 billion industry — but there are some more unusual protein sources on the horizon.

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Sep 14,  2017
Lentein | Protein rich powder to enrich your shake or yoghurt -

Although it’s been on the market for quite a few years now, we want to pay a little attention to a protein-rich powder called Lentein.

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Aug 24,  2017
Clean Machine Launches Clean Green Protein With Superfood Lentein - BevNet

Press Release

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Aug 23,  2017
Water Lentils: Superfood or Just Superweird? Rosehive Superfoods

You may have seen these tiny, free-floating aquatic plants growing naturally on a pond, marsh, or slow-moving stream. And they may just be turning up on a dinner plate near you! Water lentils, also known as duckweed or bayroot, are vying for credibility as a plant-based protein.

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Aug 21,  2017
World's Most Nutrient Dense Protein

Vegan live Fit

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Aug 20,  2017
Lentein suitable for bars, beverages, pasta, snacks - Storebrands

Derived from lentils grown in an aqua farm, minimally processed plant-protein powder meets WHO’s standards for a complete protein

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Aug 9,  2017
'LENTEIN' is a Protein-Rich Powder Made with Water Lentils - Trend Hunter Magazine

'LENTEIN' hopes to introduce the world to a protein-rich plant powder that offers an alternative to protein from animals. As the brand reports, "by 2030 the world’s fresh water supply is expected to fall short of demand by as much as 40%," and it takes thousands of liters to produce just one kilogram of meat.

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Jul 21,  2017
Plant-Based Proteins - Wholefoods Magazine

Powerful Proteins to Boost Your Health, Diet and Workout

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Jul 11,  2017
Parabel to increase production - NutraIngredients

Riding on plant protein’s popularity, Parabel is cultivating duckweed in its $10 M open hydroponic pond facility in Florida to manufacture its LENTEIN Complete ingredient, a ‘complete protein with very high BCAAs’ according to Cecilia Wittbjer, VP of Marketing at Parabel.

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