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Aug 6,  2015
Today recognizes LENTEIN: Water lentils are they the next plant-based super protein

If you ever see "duck weed" on the menu, you might think, "yuck." But give this nutritious vegetable a try. Duck weed, also called pond weed — or its more palatable name, water lentils — is the newest plant protein on the block.

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Jul 21,  2015
The Rise of a Novel Alternative Protein Source

Parabel USA Inc., a provider of sustainable solutions for food ingredient production, is a recipient of the prestigious Innovation Award presented at the 2015 IFT Food Expo in Chicago. Parabel received the award for Lentein, an innovative plant protein ingredient that is 100 percent sustainable.

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Apr 28,  2015
Parabel Win the Future Ingredients Showcase Award 2015 at the 9th Annual American Food Technology & Innovation Summit

Parabel have won the "Future Ingredients Showcase Award 2015" as part of the 9th Annual American Food Technology & Innovation Summit in Chicago.

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Apr 14,  2015
Whole Protein LENTEIN on the Cusp of US Launch, Europe to Follow

US company Parabel has developed a proprietary growth and processing technique to extract a protein concentrate out of the Lemnoideae plant.

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Apr 13,  2015
Could the water lentil be the next big thing in plant based protein

A new form of non-GMO plant-based protein boasting an amino acid profile comparable to whey, plus high levels of calcium and other nutrients, is now available in commercial quantities from Parabel Ltd, which has developed a proprietary process for producing ingredients from water lentils.

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