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Feb 21,  2017
Alternative Proteins Trending - Food Ingredients First

Trending protein ingredients in 2017 by Food Ingredients First

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Jan 18,  2017
The Future 100 - by J Walther Thompson Intelligence

Trends and change to watch in 2017

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Dec 31,  
Quality Food Awards - UK

Ditch the avocado - duckweed and turmeric the new superfoods for 2017

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Jan 1,  2017
Water Lentils: Plant-Based Protein that Packs a Punch - Underground Health Reporter

Water lentils, known botanically as lemnoidiae and colloquially as duckweed or bayroot, are a serious new contender in the world of plant-based protein. You may have seen these tiny, free-floating aquatic plants growing naturally on a pond, marsh, or slow-moving stream. Until very recently, their nutritious potential has gone largely unre

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Dec 31,  
Natural products insider

Meal Replacements Address Expanding Sports market

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Dec 31,  
Nutraceuticals Now

Water lentils - are they the world's most complete food source?

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Dec 31,  
Nutrition Business journal

Sprouting up - plant based protein gain legitimacy - sales

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Nov 25,  2016
Parabel breaks ground on large scale commercial farm to produce award winning LENTEIN protein in Florida

PR Newswire

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Apr 18,  2016
Barentz and Parabel Form Distribution Agreement for LENTEIN Plant Protein

Parabel USA Inc, winner of the 2015 IFT Innovations Award for its LENTEIN plant protein, and Barentz have announced the signing of an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement for Parabel’s novel range of plant based protein ingredients for food and feed, as well as for plant based personal care ingredients.

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Nov 25,  2015
Parabel breaks ground on large scale commercial farm to produce LENTEIN plant protein in Florida

Parabel – a new entrant to the burgeoning plant-based protein market - has signed a lease for 450 acres of land in Fellsmere, Florida, where it plans to build a $10m production facility for its water-lentil-based proteins.

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