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Parabel has developed two unique and sustainable feed ingredients from Lemna.

  • Lemna Protein Concentrate (LPC) – high in Protein
  • Lemna Meal (LM) – high in Fiber

Lemna Protein Concentrate is a Protein and Energy rich ingredient particularly suitable for monogastric, aqua and pet diets.

  • Essential Amino Acid concentration higher than other Plant Protein ingredients
  • Amino Acid profile that is most comparable to Animal Proteins, including high grade Fishmeal
  • Energy density and digestibility higher than Maize
  • Rich in Macro Minerals (including Non-Phytic Phosphorus), Naturally Chelated Trace Elements, Vitamins and other Phytochemicals such as Carotenoids and Flavonoids

Lemna Meal is a high quality, Plant Fiber product suitable for all animals, and particularly ruminants and horses.

  • High in Cellulose (30%) and Hemicellulose (20%) but low in Lignin (6%) making it easily digestible by herbivorous animals
  • Also provides 16-20% high quality Protein
  • Concentrated Naturally Chelated Trace Elements (Zn, Cu, Mn, Se, Fe) and Macro Minerals (Ca, P, Mg)

Independent research has validated the use of both ingredients.

Learn more about feeding LPC and LM to aqua, monogastric, pet, and ruminant animals.

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