The demand for aqua feed is increasing almost exponentially. However, due to the pressure to protect the ocean's fish stocks and the imposition of fishing quotas, Fishmeal use is declining and there is an increasing urgency to source a suitable replacement.

Four scientific studies have been published in a number of aqua science journals demonstrating the efficacy of LPC as a replacement of high grade fishmeal in different species. 
Several studies have been conducted on the digestibility of protein amino acids in aqua species. LPC was shown to have higher essential amino acid content and equal or greater amino acid digestibility than menhaden meal for all the essential amino acids (with the exception of histidine for shrimp). the digestibility of each essential amino acid was over 85% for tilapia. This data shows that LPC is a rich and highly digestible source of amino acids for shrimp and tilapia diets.

The University of Idaho has demonstrated that replacing up to 60% Fishmeal with LPC results in comparable growth and feed conversion in tilapia.

A recent trial assessing the effect of LPC inclusion on tilapia performance over a 24 week growing period showed LPC successfully replaced 100% of the fishmeal in tilapia diets. Tilapia growth, feed intake and FCR were not significantly different among treatments, additionally whole body composition, protein and energy retention were unaffected by dietary treatment. The evaluations show that LPC readily substitutes all the fishmeal in customary tilapia feed formulations with no performance or fish quality implications.

The Oceanic Research Institute in Hawaii has shown that LPC supports excellent performance when substituting Fishmeal in shrimp diets. Indeed, lower replacement rates of Fishmeal increase the performance of shrimp relative to those fed the control diet.

Inclusion of  LPC did not compromise the physical integrity of pelleted diets,vital for optimal intake and performance. Shrimp fed the LPC diets also had comparable composition and sensory attributes to those fed Fishmeal.

High Carotenoid content in LPC also imparts natural coloring.

This has all demonstrated that Parabel's LPC is a compelling new ingredient for use in aqua diets.


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