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Unprocessed Lemna has historically been used as an ingredient in poultry diets, in Asia and Latin America. Parabel's LPC has taken this to a new level by providing a concentrated form of balanced plant protein which has been shown to be valuable to all monogastric species.

Extensive evaluation at the University of Illinois examined density and digestibility of Energy, Phosphorus and Amino Acids in growing pigs. The Energy density (ME) of LPC was similar to Maize, Phosporus digestibility was higher than SBM while Amino Acids were well digested by young pigs. 
LPC has been assessed as a replacer of fishmeal in a piglet performance trial from 3 to 7 weeks of age. LPC supplemented diets resulted in higher live weight and improved FCR and, based on a performance index, outperformed fishmeal supplemented diets by 20% through the entire growing period. 
The conclusion from both the digestibility work and performance evaluation is that LPC is an excellent ingredient for use in both piglet and growing diets and can outperform other high quality protein sources.
Lemna has been used successfully as a foodstuff in poultry diets for many years. Trial work conducted at the University of Georgia showed that digestible amino acid concentration was higher than Soyabean Meal.
Further work is being conducted to examine the effect of the many phytochemicals contained in LPC on animal performance. Parabel will be further characterizing the benefits observed upon the inclusion of LPC in the diet.

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