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Parabel has developed a unique way of capturing the goodness of an ancient and well known food source, Water Lentils, and transforming it into healthy and sustainable products for the 21st century.

This proprietary technology will transform today's food and feed landscape and contribute to global sustainability in any number of ways.

Parabel grows locally hand-picked micro crops and process them to satisfy an ever growing need for sustainable agricultural products whether in the food or feed markets

Parabel's growth systems have been commercially proven in multiple locations around the world, from Asia and Africa to North and South America. These facilities are supported by our offices in Florida, USA.

Together with our partners, we have developed an extensive array of products ranging from snack foods and beverages for human consumption to feed formulations for the full spectrum of poultry, livestock, fish and pets.These products are being commercialized and distributed into markets where we already have applicable certifications.

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