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Parabel's solution enables the commercial scale production of feed, food and industrial products. The company's license model is designed to provide an attractive return to a wide range of customers, including strategic and financial entities. The model is based on replicated Lemna growth systems enabling a staged build-out to accommodate different financial or strategic goals.

Parabel's strategy is to license and provide management support in regions with suitably balanced climates, generally located in equatorial or tropical areas. Due to demographic and economic trends these areas are often characterized by high and growing demand for Parabel's product platform.

Parabel has started its commercialization stage and continues to seek customers, partners and investors interested in

  • Compelling investment returns
  • Scalable, flexible system
  • High-value product platform
  • Extensive support services
  • Global network of customers, partners
  • Significant social, environmental value

  • To ensure successful implementation Parabel provides extensive support services including pre planning, construction management, operation management, equipment procurement, supply chain management services and product support.

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