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Our Parabel process could be thought of as a traditional feed mill process.

However, when you look further you will find that we have reviewed and evaluated everything that could be termed traditional and arrived at a new and patented process. We took a delicate crop and maximized its output quality and quantity. We set the bar high from the beginning and are pleased to say that we believe we have not only reached it but exceeded it by a considerable margin.

Lemnoideae – our freshwater lentil - requires careful handling during harvesting and processing so we adapted traditional techniques to devise what has become a genuinely unique system. This allows maximal extraction of nutrients, without compromising any of its unique freshness. We are able to transform this vibrant crop into pristine and stable final products for optimum stability and long shelf life.

Parabel processes have already been awarded a number of international patents whilst other Parabel patent applications are pending.

All elements of our farming and manufacturing systems employ a proven and unique sustainable approach throughout. We recycle 95% of the water harvested along with the crop and then recycle the nutrients. You will find that our water footprint is significantly below that of traditional protein products – despite Lemnoideae being an aquatic crop.

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